A semester with record number for the Fashion districts

We know that Italy is the only Country of the world with a complete and high-quality spply chain. It's is confirmed by Ivan Scalfarotto, undesecretery of the Economic development, anb by the last data of the individual districts. The Italian system can cover every area of the Fashion business: footwear, clothes, leather goods, goldworking, from the beginning of the supply chain, with the textile industry and the tannery..



On this issue, the Direction of studies and researches of Intesa Sanpaolo has developped the Monitor of districts for Il Sole 24 Ore. It shows this italian wealth of Manufacturing and Creativity. It involves many itlaian regions. The propensity of Export i confirmed and the positive trends increases the expectations for the entire year.

First of all, in the first three months of 2017 the exportations are increased to 5,3% compared 5,2% of the same period of the previous year. The best performances are the exportations to France (+14,7%) and China (+12,%). Traditionally, Frenchmen are the best customers of the Made in Italy and the value of the Export has been almost 4 billions during the first three months. The Chinese one has benn almost one billion. The exportations to Russia are great too. After some cold years, in the first part of the year they've registered an increase of +12,3%, with similar values of China.

In USA area, the data of the Monitor confirm the datas of the semestral analysis of the different fashion brand. The value of euro and the general uncertain atmosphere have caused a lower increase o ’1%. In any case, the States remain te second most importan business, after the Tour Eiffel.



The districts of gold and leather goods are the best ones. Together, they've collected +15%, with a peak of 39,5% in the golden district of Valenza and of +36,6% in the footwear area in Arezzo.

The Fet (Fashion economic trends) of Fashion(it's constituted by: textile industry, leather, leather goods, clothes and footwear) predicts that whitin the end of this year we attend to an increase of the total turnover of 64,7 billions, with an increase of +2,3% compared to 2016. In the Export area, it predicts to touch lightly 590 billions, with an increase of 4%. The values of Intesa Sanpaolo for the foreign country are confirmed.


As has already been mentioned, the Made in Italy of the Fashion world is a unique untouched and independent entity. If we can guarantee guarantee Quality, Innovation, Creativity and Research from the beginning of the supply chain (from the Textile industry and the Tannery) we are able to mantain a great level of collaboration with the others sector of the supply chain. In this way, we can consign a refined, original and artisan product to the customer.


Source: Il Sole 24 Ore