Conceria Tris: the new showroom is open

What there is behind a product? Craftsmanship, passion and innovation: this is the air you breathe in the new Conceria Tris showroom. A minimal and essential location, which allows our guests to focus on what matters most: our Made in Italy leathers.

The Conceria Tris showroom, in Lonigo (VI)


The path that visitors take is a real journey of discovery of the leather, as well as we intend in Conceria Tris since 1969. With the touch, in fact, you can actually caress the different textiles and feel their texture, feel the touch of the different processes and find out the perceived effect by the end customer when the hides are processed into products for the furniture, leather goods and footwear. With the view, instead, you can see live and close the color, transparency, and the thousands shades of the leather, from traditional solid colors to the most original prints.

Upon entering the showroom, in addition, the visitor can understand what it means, really, Made In Italy. With the help of our experts, he will discover all the processes that lead to the different final results, he will be able to study in deep and analyze how new technologies are used in the production cycle and how our resources are able to infuse passion, quality and tradition into the producion.

To visit our showroom, please contact us at 0444 436433 and book your visit!


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