Leather is alive thanks to the tannery craftsmen: words by Gianni Russo, President of UNIC

"The Italian economy's recovery is modest": these are the words by Gianni Russo, President of UNIC (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria*,to which also Conceria Tris joins), expressed during the last General Assembly of the Association, in Milan. "Exports weaken, world trade slows and prospects of large non-European economies remain relatively uncertain. Domestic consumptions seem divided, but not for downstream products of our supply chain. If the sectors of Leather and Furniture slightly slow down, the Clothing remains stable and the Auto industry goes through a period of recovery, mainly due to double-digit growth of registrations, recorded between 2015 and 2016."

Tanning Industry of Veneto

It is precisely in the field of interiors of cars that the Venetian tannery makes the difference. In fact, "our excellent Venetian tanneries segment grow in disruptive extent and serve the main Italian and European automakers. Currently this intended use accounts for 10% of domestic tanning industry, but in the Veneto district it comes to a share between 20 and 25%".

The Italian tanning industry, in fact, "is a modern industry today, able to deal daily with current events. Time has erased empires, the market has dissolved sectors, but the leather survived thanks to its craftsmen tanners".

And the data prove it. "We remain a leading sector accounting for 65% of European production, followed by Spain with 9% and France with 5%. In Europe, we own 78% of tanneries, 52% of employees. The 19% of world production, by value, is ours".

The reason for these numbers lies in the choice, by the Italian tannery, to follow the path of quality and innovation. Invest in Research and Development, in the professionalism of the industry employees, in the creation of their own laboratories, in the adoption of innovative systems (like our cogeneration plant, which allows us to use the electricity produced and recover most of the heat, which would otherwise be released into the environment) are key elements in order to experience, every day, original solutions, both on the aesthetic and functional front both in terms of sustainability.

Finally, the international economic crisis has affected all the sectors and, inevitably, also the leather industry, that anyway was able to transform moments of difficulty in challenges to face to adapt to new market requirements. Innovation, quality, people and traditions are our cardinal points, that if taken every day in the daily work, help us to create Made In Italy leathers appreciated around the world.

* UNIC is the most important association of tannery industrialists in the world. For over 70 years it protects the member companies, promotes the interests, supports their development and innovation initiatives and creates social and cultural initiatives to enhance the tanning into society and among young people. Conceria Tris is associated from many years.