Lineapelle94: number, trend and future

Innovation is the central idea of Lineapelle. During the fair (20 – 22 February 2018, FieraMilano Rho), events and workshop have converted this appointment into a creative and original laboratory. Future products, new tecnologies, innovative business models, chemical analysis and new opportunities are the main themes of this fair.


Numbers of Lineapelle

The last edition of the most important Tannery fair has hosted 1,254 exhibitors from 45 Countries, with an increase of +5% compared to the last year (february 2017). Italian (+4%) and foreign (+6%) companies have increased their participation.

In this situation, Lineapelle94 is the perfect occasion to define the limits and to share the perspective of a delicate season, that can be interpreted by the companies of the Fashion business in a creative, strategic and flexible way.


Tendenze Moda

Lineapelle94 displays a "spring-summer 19" season that explores cleanliness and tactile emotions, as the result of a research into materials, colours and surfaces. The pleasure in stratifying processes to create rich and surprising effects continues, but new developments look to basics. High-performance and flexible basics that bring together nature and technology, perfect to be interpreted both by more fashion-forward products and by the most popular sportcore.

The result is a mix of liquid shine, opalescent effects, light stratifications of processes and shades. Grains from micro to macro, also celebrated on summer doubles. Color as indian yellow, swedish blue, tibetan orange and french grey show us a harmonious chromatic universe.


This innovation becames a great choice for all Fashion companies and for Tannery Tris. We participate to Lineapelle to find new ideas and project. The business, the fashion trends and the actual economic situation incentivize us to work with more flexibility and attention. We want to promote the Made In Italy with a new perspective. High quality, technology, environment and handcrafted manufacturing have to be perceived into the product. Our task is to transmit Made in Italy around the world.




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