Looking at the figures: the tannery district of Vicenza is confirmed and looks to the future

The Chamber of Commerce speaks clearly: the tannery remains the flagship of the Venetian economy and, in particular, of Vicenza. The trend on the domestic sales front is positive, but export can improve.

The confirmation comes from the report "Economia vicentina flash" drawn up by the Chamber of Commerce's office dedicated to the Italian tanning industry.

«If we take into account the only sector "Tannery in the strict sense” - the report says - the primacy of the Vicenza province clearly emerges in the ranking of provincial realities: Vicenza is on the podium, however, relative to the incidence of local units (more than a fifth are located in Vicenza, a quarter in Pisa and just under a fifth in Avellino), while the province of Vicenza conquers the summit with respect to the employees with a significant share of 37.9% in front of Pisa and Avellino (24.4% and 10.7%».


The tannery of Vicenza: the future is tinged with pink and young entrepreneurs

The numbers speak for themselves: on 875 business locations in the territory of Vicenza, two thirds are formed by corporations (a structure that simplifies the recovery of financial resources, streamlines costs and introducing innovation on the organizational and technological front). In addition, 153 companies are women's guides, 65 are directed by young people and 64 by foreign citizens. All of these data are higher than the average of the manufacturing sector, to which craft enterprises must be added, representing a third of the total.

What do these values tell us? That the Tannery of Vicenza continues its growth path and does so looking to the future. It attracts categories of different entrepreneurs, with different lives, prospects and cultures, but who don't forget the strong traditions of the tannery masters of the past.

All this, as a whole, can only bring a breath of innovation, originality and vivacity of which all the realities of the Veneto district can benefit.


Export: Well, but it can be done better

Vicenza is a gold medal with about 2.27 billion euros and a 22.5% share on the entire Italian value”, the report indicates. Values are slightly down on the previous year (-1.8%). The leathers are exported to Europe (61.62%), the USA (+13.4% than the previous period) and Switzerland (with a fall of 17%).


What will happen in the next months?

Making predictions is difficult. Production, total turnover and domestic demand (+1.14% than the previous period) are stable, but exports and employment are declining slightly.

Let's not go too far" Palmerino Bortoli says (founder and managing director of Conceria Tris). "These numbers are an incentive for us to improve, especially on the export front. Our task - I am not just talking about Conceria Tris, but to all of Vicenza's colleagues in the district - is to make it feel that behind the leathers we carry out, there is a precious craft process that our fathers have taught us and that we must impart to our children. This is the Made in Italy that the world likes: a philosophy, a modus operandi and a set of values that are perceived in the finished product as well.

Women and young people decide to invest their energies in the tannery sector? Well, I think this is worth more than the numbers. It is a strong and clear signal: the new generations have decided that Vicenza is the right place in which to live their future, in the same place where their parents and grandparents had decided to invest many years ago. They will adopt technology to innovate and creativity to create new products, with the same passion and craftsmanship we have. To this day, let's not go too far on the numbers and let's not sit on the laurels: the road is all up!".