Manufacturing of Vicenza: boom during the third quarter

In the third quarter of 2017 the manufacturing production of the companies of Vicenza has increased considerably. Confindustria Vicenza has examined these data into the last conjunctural analysis and we want to share with you these numbers. Compared to the same quarter of 2016, this year has been an increase of +3,91% +1,58% in the second quarter of 2017).



These data are driven by the Export (in Italy, Vicenza is the most relevant area in the Export sector pro capita and the third most important in terms of absolute value). Compared to the same period of the last year, in the other States of UE the growth is 4,99% and the extra-UE one is +6,47%.

Compared to the same period of the last year, in the Import business, the growth is +3,52%. This number confirms the positive development of the domestic sales, that is started since 2014 (+1,7%). This situation continues today: : +3,67%, +4,48%, +4,80%, +2,95% and +3,52% (july-september 2017).



Companies with less than 100 employees increase of 3,72%, with a good results in the domestic business (+3,54%), European one (+,17%) and extra-European one (+5,33%). The 49% of the companies from Vicenza announces an increase of the production, the 18% declares some decreases. In the same time, the number of company with an insufficient level of production increases (31%).

The employment increases of +1,13%. 60% of companies announces that they want to maintain the same occupational level, 29% wants to increase it and 12% wants to reduce it.



Import-Export are positive in these sectors: food, chemical, mechanical, gold and plastic. Export is positive also for paper, graphics, wood and furniture. Positive signals for the Fashion system, in particular for the employment and manufacturing area. In the tannery world, the employment continues to increase. Negative signals in these industries: cement, lime, glass and marble.


Future predictions

The sentiment analysis of the companies from Vicenza, we perceives a strong development of the improvement. The actual evaluation of the economy increases from the last year: from 47,3 (July) to 53,8 (October). Dr. Andrea Beretta Zanoni comments these data: “the last survey of the sentiment of the members reveals a very positive forecast. The waits for the next months are positive. The predictions of the companies related to orders, employment and investments are positive“ .