Tannery restart to employ: the gap is closed, positive balance

The fact is positive: during a year, the Venetian craftmanship has produced 5.000 new jobs (more than 3% - 166.49 units). The parameters are similar to the 2012’s ones (building exlused).

This information derives from the Osservatorio Ebav related to the artisan workers, who have subscribed to this association during the years 2011-2016, inserted into the Quaderno Q1/2017. The favorable business context started last years (the Venetian PIL is increased by 1,2% and the national one is increased by 1%). In Veneto during a year the jobs are increased from 161.730 to 166.489. The leap is big: 4.759 extra people can work.

The employment returns to the levels of 2012. This is a good result. The way is still long to win the gap of the past 8 years, but he craftsmanship can make big things if the business conditions will be reinforced. Since 2011, the balance is stille negative: - 4,430 jobs”, says Ebav.


The cities and the industries
The development gets involved every Venetian cities, but Treviso has recovered all and now is +0,25% (considering the last 6 years). Vicenza reduces is decrease of -1,63%, Verona of -2,05%, Belluno of -6,25%, Padua of -5,03 and Rovigo of -4,48%.

Some industries have gained a positive balance, as the Tannery one. In the Venetian area, the hiring has been +315 than the last years (+1,85%) and this confirms  the optimistic trend of the last months. The food is the most important industry with +935, followed by cleaning companies (+792), hairstyle (+297) and glass (+261).

The Tannery is one of the most important Venetian industry and this data show that the Leather can represent the best strategy to increase the employment. Our aim for next years are creating job, develop the young employment and transfer the ancient artisan expertise.