Textile industry, Fashion, Accessory: sales volume is constantly growing

One year ago, Confindustria Moda was born. It is the new federation related to Fashion, Textile Industry and Accessory. One year later, Confindustria Moda publishes the first data of the Fashion Business. The preliminary estimate shows that the sales volume of the Footwear, the Tannery, the Fur, the Glass, the Golden and Jewels and the Textile Industry grew by +3,2% ( € 94,2 billions).

The analysed sector includes 66.751 Italian companies and 581.000 employees. During the year, companies have seen a decrease of the -0,9% (-624 units), but the employees are increased by +0,1%.


2017 sales volume


Export: the most important business

In the 2017, the major increase comes from the foreign business. Export s increased by +5,2% (€ 61,8 billions). The best performer sectors are: Leather Goods, Fur and Golden Goods.The other business are increased moderately, with an increase of the +3,5% (Footwear and Textile Industry) and 2,4% (Glass).

Import gained  € 34 billions, with an increase of +3,1%. The entire business, obtained a commercial surplus of € 27,2 bilions. Compared with the last year, the active balance gained more than € 2 billions (+7,7%).


Import-Export: the geographical areas

UE covers the 47,8% of the entire Export and the 44% of the Import. Extra-UE areas cover 52,2% of the Export and 56 of the Import.

The most interesting countries are France (+5,7%), Germany (+3,7%), United Kingdom (+4,1%) and Spain (+5,0%). In the Extra-UE area, an important signal comes from Switzerland (+17,2%), that remains the main logistic platform for the next export in other businesses. The export to the USA is modestly increased (+0,8%, € 5,4 billions). In the Far East, Hongg Kong increases by +3,2%, China by +14,1% and South Corea by +8,5%. Japan decreases by -2,9% and Russia increases by +12,4% (after the decreasing period of 2014-2015).

China remains the main supplier (20% of the total amount), with a soft decrease of the -1,3%. France, Germany (+9,5%), Spain (+8,0%), Bangladesh (+4,3%), Switzerland (+22,3%), Nederland  (+5,1%) and India (+1,6%) are the other main suppliers. Romania (-2,8%) and Belgium Belgio (-2,6%) decrease.
These temporary data anticipate a growing panorama in the Fashion business where the Tannery is a important actor.


Source: Confindustria Moda, based on Istat temporary data