Italian Tannery: the perfect mix between innovation and export

“Tannery business is an excellence of Made in Italy in the world, despite being less attractive than other business for mass media. Tannery is a mix of creativity, tradition and the ability to adapt to changes of the international market demand”. Luigi dell’Olio uses these words to open his recent article, published on Here, he analyze the panorama of the Italian tannery business. His article explain a clear situation. During the period January – October 2017, the volume of production are increased by 3%. Globally, the Italian tannery is worth 65% of the entire turnover of this [...]

Conceria Tris: the new showroom is open

What there is behind a product? Craftsmanship, passion and innovation: this is the air you breathe in the new Conceria Tris showroom. A minimal and essential location, which allows our guests to focus on what matters most: our Made in Italy leathers. The Conceria Tris showroom, in Lonigo (VI)   The path that visitors take is a real journey of discovery of the leather, as well as we intend in Conceria Tris since 1969. With the touch, in fact, you can actually caress the different textiles and feel their texture, feel the touch of the different processes and find out the perceived effect [...]

Leather is alive thanks to the tannery craftsmen: words by Gianni Russo, President of UNIC

"The Italian economy's recovery is modest": these are the words by Gianni Russo, President of UNIC (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria*,to which also Conceria Tris joins), expressed during the last General Assembly of the Association, in Milan. "Exports weaken, world trade slows and prospects of large non-European economies remain relatively uncertain. Domestic consumptions seem divided, but not for downstream products of our supply chain. If the sectors of Leather and Furniture slightly slow down, the Clothing remains stable and the Auto industry goes through a period of recovery, mainly du [...]