Industry 4.0: what it is and how companies can use it

Industry 4.0 is considered the fourth industrial revolution and it represents a turning point for all companies that are implementing an automated and interconnected approach to increase their productivity and efficiency.   INDUSTRY 4.0 CHALLENGES Industry 4.0 is strictly connected to Smart Factory and its pillars: Smart Production: the most innovative technologies seek to create a stronger collaboration between operators, machines and tools Smart Services: all IT infrastructures permit to complete companies with interior and external structures Smart Energy: sustainable energy, energ [...]

The art of tannery: the leather finishing process

Non-specialist people can believe that the tannery manufacturing process is a mechanical and cyclical activity, but this is not the case. The tanning is a refine and complex art that combines creativity and precision, expertise and experience, big manual skills, huge sensitivity, aesthetic taste, humility and respect for the environment, for the animals and for the craftsmen who taught us this job. Work with leather is an ancient job. With leather, our ancestors have created the first clothes, a coverage of their houses and to protect themselves against bad weather. During the centuries, the [...]

Italian Tannery: the perfect mix between innovation and export

“Tannery business is an excellence of Made in Italy in the world, despite being less attractive than other business for mass media. Tannery is a mix of creativity, tradition and the ability to adapt to changes of the international market demand”. Luigi dell’Olio uses these words to open his recent article, published on Here, he analyze the panorama of the Italian tannery business. His article explain a clear situation. During the period January – October 2017, the volume of production are increased by 3%. Globally, the Italian tannery is worth 65% of the entire turnover of this [...]

Italian Tannery starts running again to the Export

The Italian Tannery starts running to the Export, after a slow period. This information is revealed in the last valuation of Unic (Unione Nazionale Conciaria Italiana), related to the first 9 months of 2017. Last year, the Italian Tannery has increased the Export volumes (+9%) and values (+1%).       2018 starts very vell. The Italian Tannery business consists of 1,200 companies, 17,612 operators and 5 billion of annual turnover. This industry is a global leader because it guarantees manufacturing technology and high-quality. Around the world, some areas continue to increase: [...]

Luxury: the market without crisis

In 2017, the overall luxury market grew by 5 percent, with positive performance in every areas of the world. The results of the sixth edition of the Worldwide Luxury Market Monitor by Bain&Co e di Altagamma Consensus 2017 confirm this situation. The Luxury business concerns the personal luxury (€ 262 million of turnover), the luxury cars (€489 million of turnover), the luxury experiences and the Italian luxury system. This one is grown by 5 percent during this year and it maintains its international market share of 10 percent. In the Italian Tannery the results are very interesting: during [...]

A semester with record number for the Fashion districts

We know that Italy is the only Country of the world with a complete and high-quality spply chain. It's is confirmed by Ivan Scalfarotto, undesecretery of the Economic development, anb by the last data of the individual districts. The Italian system can cover every area of the Fashion business: footwear, clothes, leather goods, goldworking, from the beginning of the supply chain, with the textile industry and the tannery..   SUPPORTING DATA On this issue, the Direction of studies and researches of Intesa Sanpaolo has developped the Monitor of districts for Il Sole 24 Ore. It shows thi [...]