Waiting for Lineapelle97: trends, news and guidelines

Now it is just a short while. Lineapelle97, the most important trade fair appointment for the entire international fashion & luxury industry chain connected to the world of leather, is scheduled from 2th to 4th October 2019 in the spaces of Fieramilano Rho. A range of exhibitors from more than 50 countries are ready to present their proposals and their innovations to client companies from all over the world. A business experience that is indispensable for us at Conceria Tris and for many other companies that deal with leather products: from tanneries to accessories, from fabric manufacture [...]

2019 UNIC Assembly: success lies in environmental sustainability and in knowing how to communicate the leather

At the end of June, the Annual Meeting of UNIC - Concerie Italiane was held at the Bocconi University of Milan. During the event, the balance sheet data were presented, the most current topics in the sector, risks and opportunities for growth were highlighted.   Data and forecasts The balance sheet data have outlined an overall lackluster 2018 that, after a promising start, has gradually lost momentum, especially in the footwear sector. The automotive trend, on the other hand, is positive, while leather goods are moving up and down. The results: tanning lives a period of resilience. The t [...]

Leather for footwear: types and characteristics

For each shoe its leather. The term "shoe" refers to an infinite number of categories: boots, moccasins, brogues, décolleté, ballerinas, trecking shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, slippers, sandals, formal shoes and so on. Each type of shoe requires different types of leather, so as to allow the foot to wear a comfortable, stable, durable and classy shoe. The physical characteristics of the leather, combined with the type of finish and tanning are some of the main parameters that are taken into consideration by manufacturers in the selection of leather for footwear.   Skins and shoes: some [...]

Fashion Sector Growing: the overview by Confindustria Moda

The turnover of the fashion sector is increasing and all the main economic indicators are growing. Confindustria Moda traces an overall picture of the market trend, based on the pre-final data for the year 2018. In detail, the revenues of Italian companies in 2018 reached 95.7 billion euros, with an increase of +0.9% compared to the 2017 figures (94.8 billion euros). On the Export front, the sector reached 63.4 billion euros, with an increase of +2.6% compared to the 61.8 billions of the previous year. On the Import front, instead, in 2018, the amount reaches 35.1 billion euros, with an increa [...]

Conceria Tris obtains the certification of compliance with the LWG protocol

LWG: Leather Working Group. It is the certification obtained from Conceria Tris, confirming its commitment carried out over the years to adopt a production philosophy based on environmental sustainability. The certification of conformity to the LWG protocol aims to identify the best practices in the leather processing sector, with particular attention to the issues of ethics, respect for the environment and safety:   The commitment towards a sustainable production by Conceria Tris Over the years, we have turned our energies towards a renewed philosophy and approach to production, based o [...]

Bovine leather: types and characteristics

One of the leathers worked in Conceria Tris is cowhide. Depending on the animal from which they are obtained, the processing or skins to which they are subjected, raw or semi-finished leathers are destined for different uses. From calf, for example, you get a leather used for the production of luxury footwear and clothing. Large calves and buffaloes are used to produce items for the automotive and furniture sectors. From the cow, on the other hand, products are obtained for footwear (soles and uppers), to leather goods (belts, watches, baby carriers, backpacks, purses, bindings, linings, colle [...]

Calf hair: qualities and features of the flagship of Conceria Tris

Fashion designers and interior designers know this: not all leathers are the same. Not all of them can meet their artistic vein. Not all of them manage to arouse the same emotions and to perfectly adapt to the most different contexts. Not all, but the calf hair does it. Flagship of the history and catalog of Conceria Tris, where it is worked in solid color and in its silk-screened declinations, the calf hair is a precious article, used to transform an object into a piece of design, to wear or to be admired inside the most luxurious homes, instilling a sense of timeless elegance and a strong pe [...]

Real Leather or Synthetic Leather: features and legends

During the last years, many people have spoken about the Leather by saying many legends, opinions, prejudices and debates that have divided consumers, associations and business specialists. The main question is this: Real Leather or Synthetic Leather? What’s the best choice? Which one protect the environment? Which one is the most long-lasting? In these rows, we want to explain the real meaning and features of these products. Leahter is a continuous fabric and it’s a part of the integumentary system. It consists of 3 layers: epidermis (the most external one), the derma and the subcutaneous o [...]