Real Leather or Synthetic Leather: features and legends

During the last years, many people have spoken about the Leather by saying many legends, opinions, prejudices and debates that have divided consumers, associations and business specialists. The main question is this: Real Leather or Synthetic Leather? What’s the best choice? Which one protect the environment? Which one is the most long-lasting? In these rows, we want to explain the real meaning and features of these products. Leahter is a continuous fabric and it’s a part of the integumentary system. It consists of 3 layers: epidermis (the most external one), the derma and the subcutaneous o [...]

Lineapelle95: numbers, trends and ambitious goals

The number of exhibitors are increased by 4,1% and the visitors’ one by +2%. The last edition of Lineapelle is the most international one (49% of exhibitors are international – 105 represented countries) and becomes the most relevant event for the global Fashion business. As in the past, the fair is the official stage to show the trends for the next season, summarizes the business development, indicates the most important innovations. For us, the results are very stimulating. Based on the last innovative fashion trends, we are ready to deal with a very interesting season.   LEATHER T [...]

Lineapelle95 Winter19/20 in the name of the creative revolution

Lineapelle95 is coming ( 25-27 September 2018, FIERAMILANO Rho). As is tradition, Tannery Tris will be there to discover all trends for the next Winter19/20 season.   REFLECTIONS BETWEEN REAL AND FAKE Discover tour own complexity to appear with your style. This is the mood of this edition. The world becomes a polycentric universe, dominated by the cleanliness and essence, with simple and contemporary elements. Here, you can redefine the concept of opulence. In this edition, the color becomes philosophy. It’s used to describe the contemporary, full of contradictions and complexity. Tones a [...]

Waiting for Lineapelle95: the Summer 19 fashion trends

The next edition of Lineapelle will be on 25-27 of September (FIERAMILANO Rho). Here, we will see the Winter ‘19/’20 trends. For us, Lineapelle is an unavoidable event, but now we see again the most important trend of the past edition of Milan, London and New York.   FASHION SUMMER TRENDS ‘19 Research, tests, innovation. The Spring-Summer 2019 season is dominated by an important research project, with new materials, colors and surfaces. The manufacturing is layered to create a rich and unexpected effect, but the real news is the return a basic style. A basic approach that is very efficien [...]

Textile industry, Fashion, Accessory: sales volume is constantly growing

One year ago, Confindustria Moda was born. It is the new federation related to Fashion, Textile Industry and Accessory. One year later, Confindustria Moda publishes the first data of the Fashion Business. The preliminary estimate shows that the sales volume of the Footwear, the Tannery, the Fur, the Glass, the Golden and Jewels and the Textile Industry grew by +3,2% ( € 94,2 billions). The analysed sector includes 66.751 Italian companies and 581.000 employees. During the year, companies have seen a decrease of the -0,9% (-624 units), but the employees are increased by +0,1%.     Ex [...]

The art of tannery: the leather finishing process

Non-specialist people can believe that the tannery manufacturing process is a mechanical and cyclical activity, but this is not the case. The tanning is a refine and complex art that combines creativity and precision, expertise and experience, big manual skills, huge sensitivity, aesthetic taste, humility and respect for the environment, for the animals and for the craftsmen who taught us this job. Work with leather is an ancient job. With leather, our ancestors have created the first clothes, a coverage of their houses and to protect themselves against bad weather. During the centuries, the [...]

Italian Tannery: the perfect mix between innovation and export

“Tannery business is an excellence of Made in Italy in the world, despite being less attractive than other business for mass media. Tannery is a mix of creativity, tradition and the ability to adapt to changes of the international market demand”. Luigi dell’Olio uses these words to open his recent article, published on Here, he analyze the panorama of the Italian tannery business. His article explain a clear situation. During the period January – October 2017, the volume of production are increased by 3%. Globally, the Italian tannery is worth 65% of the entire turnover of this [...]

Lineapelle94: number, trend and future

Innovation is the central idea of Lineapelle. During the fair (20 – 22 February 2018, FieraMilano Rho), events and workshop have converted this appointment into a creative and original laboratory. Future products, new tecnologies, innovative business models, chemical analysis and new opportunities are the main themes of this fair.   Numbers of Lineapelle The last edition of the most important Tannery fair has hosted 1,254 exhibitors from 45 Countries, with an increase of +5% compared to the last year (february 2017). Italian (+4%) and foreign (+6%) companies have increased their participa [...]