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Conceria Tris

From 1969 until today

“Innovation and tradition, quality and responsibility. These are the values that our fathers handed down to us, teaching us the ancient art of tanning. Values that we in turn pass on to our children.

The passion for leather, the awareness of being part of a delicate ecosystem and the belief that the combination of innovation and tradition is the key to producing quality products: these are the cornerstones of the daily work of Conceria Tris."

Elena Bortoli

Articles and fields of application

Thanks to the experience acquired in more than fifty years of tannery history at the service of prestigious fashion and furniture brands, today Conceria Tris is able to understand the needs of our customers in different sectors: from leather goods to footwear, from furniture clothing, up to smart and promotional devices . 

The raw hides processed by Conceria Tris come exclusively from animals destined for slaughter. Our tanning is in itself a sustainable process since it starts from a by-product of the food industry, reuses it and it ennobles it.

This recovery is one of the reasons why, even today, leather is among the most ecological choices that can be made.

Added to this is that the skin is durable, more resistant than many other materials. It is also extremely performing in terms of breathabilitywaterproofness and resistance.

The rawhide is made from 100% organic material

Starting from these premises, it is clear that the goal of a modern tannery must be to make the tanning process as sustainable and ecological as possible.
At Conceria Tris all the processes are based on the use of non-polluting and non-hazardous products for humans and the environment, equipped with safety data sheets and subjected to continuous checks. Furthermore, Conceria Tris is committed - and continues to do so - to reduce the impact of its processes on the environment.

Commitment to sustainability

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