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Lago di Carezza

Producing according to the Made in Italy means creating products of the highest excellence and lasting over time, adopting high quality standards recognized all over the world. Sustainable leathers are safe leathers, for the workers who produce them and for the people who use them. 
Conceria Tris has always worked in full respect of the environment: both that of production and that in which we live. Here are some examples of how Conceria Tris has made its commitment to sustainability concrete.

Environmental certification

Our sustainability

Complete cycle

Conceria Tris has a "full cycle"; production plant that covers the entire treatment process, from raw leather to the finished product. This fact not only guarantees greater control over all stages of processing, but also allows us to reduce waste, maximize resources and limit pollution related to transport.

Conceria Tris
Conceria Tris

Activated carbon filters

The groundwater used during the production process is completely filtered to reduce industrial pollution from PFOA / PFAS.

Cogeneration plant

Tanning production needs large amounts of energy on a daily basis. For this reason, a cogeneration plant was installed, which simultaneously produces electricity and heat, thanks to renewable sources. In this way, the use of primary energy is reduced, CO2 and Nox emissions are lowered thanks to the use of natural gas and emission losses are reduced.

Conceria Tris
Conceria Tris

Internal water purifier

We boast an internal water purifier that filters all types of water, from rain to industrial water that flows through the tannery.

Internal laboratory

The internal laboratory allows us to constantly monitor the parameters established for the discharges downstream of the purifier.

Furthermore, thanks to our professionals, we can check the most important physical parameters of the leathers during the production phase, thus monitoring the production chain in real time, preventing waste.

Conceria Tris
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